Preliminary program

Schedule of the forum «Biomedicine-2016»

June 26
arrival day

June 27
plenary lections
round-table «On the threshold of new biomedicine – perspectives of adopting the draft law on turnover of biomedical cell products»
demonstration of the film «Sic transit gloria mundi» devoted to А.А. Maximov

June 28-30
round-table discussions
poster session

July 1
departure day

Plenary lections

Agladze K. «Why does modern medicine need tissue engineering»

Vlassov V. «Cell technologies in medicine of the future»

Zharkov D. «Editing epigenome: if it is possible and necessary»

Deev S. «Theranostics in modern biomedicine»

Illarioshkin S. «Newest molecular and cellular technologies in studying neurodegenerative diseases»

Lavrik O. "DNA reparation systems as platforms to create drugs and increase efficiency of gene therapy"

Leonov S. «Is it possible to achieve neuroregeneration under neurodegenerative conditions»

Makarevich P. «Gene therapy in regenerative medicine: results and further perspectives»

Medvedev S. «CRISPR-revolution in biology and medicine»

Parfyonova E. «Perspectives of myocardium regeneration»

Rubtsov N. «Problem of genetic diversity and genetic instability in studies using human stem cells»

Taranin A. «Immunotherapy: new molecular and cellular tools in cancer treatment»

Tomilin A. «Latest achievements of new technologies based on pluripotent stem cells»

Vasiliev A. "Achievements and perspectives of cell technologies"

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